A free game developed by Marutoku Kichi


The desktop is peaceful as usual.
In order to delete the computer virus called "Agape", the anti-virus program, Virus Buster "Goyou", must cooperate with it while searching through the computer's files.




This game was created by 旨味まづ (Umami Mazu) and the circle 丸得基地 (Marutoku Kichi).The English translation and this web page were done by Tofu.Feel free to contact the developer with any feedback via their mail form or twitter. [Note: They primarily speak Japanese]Feel free to also contact the translator with any translation feedback.

Game Overview

This game was developed in RPGMaker MZ for Windows platforms.It's a simple game where all you do is talk and walk.Genre: ADV
Playtime: ~2-3 hours
# of Endings: 3

This is a free game. All copyrights belong to the creator. Redestribution, resale, and modification of the software are strictly prohibited.
You are allowed to stream this game, however monetization of said broadcasts is strictly prohibited.
Full streaming guidelines [Note: It's in Japanese]Please check the game's 'read me' file for more details.UPDATES:
Fixed some typos and removed some unused data.


Translator Note

This was a passion project done for fun. Hope you enjoy the game as much as I did!Special thanks to my friends Rice, Dani, and Kes, that helped proofread.

Ending Hints

If you are having trouble finding the different endings, please highlight the below portion for how to get them.

Ending 1: At the final area, just keep going and you'll get this ending.Note: Ending 2 and Ending 3 are identical up until a certain point. Which ending you get is based on RNG, with an 80% chance of getting Ending 2 and a 20% chance of getting Ending 3.Ending 2/3: At the final area, turn back and return to the ruins map and talk to Agape.Ending 3: After fulfilling the requirements for Ending 2, stand directly next to Agape and press the interact key (mouse clicking does not work) over 10 times. After 10 times, an sfx should play when you try to interact with Agape. This will reverse the chances, making your chance of getting Ending 3 80%.The below image is an example of where you should be standing when spamming the 'z' or 'enter' key.